Benny's Bark

Hi.  My name is Ben.  I'm the official Beagle Head of Public Relations.  I would like to invite you to nose around some of my favorite links.  All of the places listed below are near and dear to my little beagle heart (and sometimes my bottomless-pit of a tummy).  Please follow your nose back to this page as my nose always leads me to new places.  If your nose leads you to some places that my readers might be interested in, please send an email to me so this dog-about-town can check it out and report my findings to my (hopefully) loyal canine companions.

Ben's favorite places:

I was a pound pooch and I was found here (along with some of my current pack members):Tri-Valley Animal Rescue

 -     Tri-Valley SPCA-East Bay SPCA  (this is where my sister Macy came from)
Here are other places to adopt a new best friend:
Valley Humane Society  -
ARF - Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation - 

The Nose Knows

And these are the places that my nose has led me to (and my tummy was filled with yummy goodies).  My sister Leaf (that's her in the logo...lucky dog) says you should check out the cool doggy apparel and items to make your dog (and your doghouse) the best in show.

Murphy's Paw -  (Doggy Paradise, make sure you get your spa day - they take picture at the store)Just Dogs!
Gourmet at the Mall -  (You GOTTA open the treat jars and smell)

Primrose Bakery - If I ever get hurt this is good place to go, they are even open 24 hours.
Tri-Valley Animal Emergency -